Creekster Podcast

Miss Ellie Talks the Wine Culture of Centennial Park


Today on the Creekster Podcast, we're talking wine, and specifically the wine culture that has developed in Centennial Park, Az.  

If a wine expert were to chart fine tasting palates per capita and then put cities and towns across the country on this graph, the very small town of Centennial Park would no doubt punch way above its weight.  The area is seeing a birth of gastronomic culture.  

Our guest is the well loved and popular Centennial dinner host and vinophile,  Ellie Cawley.  Back in the early 2000's Ellie began one of the town's first wine clubs and regular tasting parties and saw the drinking culture refine from the simple days of rum and coke, to fancy cocktails, to the plethora of  tastings every other weekend that we see today.

"I didn't start out liking wine," Ellie admits, telling of her first glass of fine wine.  "I was asking the question, 'why would I want to drink this?'"

So what happened?  Living out here in the desert and right next to a state with . . . ahem . . . shall we say restrictive alcohol and shipping laws makes collecting wine an adventure.  Ellie shares some tips and personal stories in the art of fine wine buying and enjoyment.

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